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Internet Ancient History Source Book

A large collection of ANE texts and links to texts.

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Writings and links for the study of the Ancient Near East including ancient Egypt.

Image collection of West Semitic Research

Including intersting inscriptions, papyri from Assyria, Qumran, Elephantine etc...


Archaeological Survey of Israel

All the sites documented in the Archaeological Survey of Israel are published on this website, where they are displayed in survey squares of 100 sq km (10 × 10 km).


Hammurabi's Code of Laws Transl. by L. W. King, (Full text)

on a lawyer's site.


Archaeological Excavations in Israel

Sites looking for volunteers, and latest news of what's happening.

Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey

Archaeological survey in Jordan

The Incirli Stela

This unpublished stele seems to refer to child sacrifice, according to Bruce Zuckerman

The Notebooks of W.G. Lambert

W. G. Lambert (1926-2011) was an Assyriologist who spent much of his research time transliterating and copying cuneiform tablets in museums, especially the British Museum. His Nachlass included eight notebooks filled with handwritten transliterations of Babylonian and Assyrian texts. The notebooks contain more than five thousand transliterations, spread over nearly fifteen hundred pages. They are an astonishing record of sustained first-hand engagement with cuneiform tablets.


Keilschriftbibliographie (KeiBi)

Die in der Zeitschrift Orientalia des P?pstlichen Bibelinstituts in Rom erscheinende Internationale Keilschriftbibliographie (KeiBi) ist seit ihrer ersten Ausgabe im Jahre 1940 (Orientalia N.S. Bd. 9) zu einem unentbehrlichen Hilfsmittel f?r Forschung, Lehre und Studium der altorientalistischen Disziplinen geworden. Jedoch - wie in allen gedruckten, ?ber einen l?ngeren Zeitraum hinweg erscheinenden Bibliographien - ist die Recherche darin nicht ohne M?he. Um dies zu erleichtern, pr?sentieren wir die KeiBi-Daten in Form einer Datenbank, in der alle erschienenen Ausgaben gleichzeitig durchsucht werden k?nnen.

Ebla Digital Archives

The aim of the Ebla Digital Archives [ EbDA ] database is to provide a digital edition of the entire corpus of cuneiform texts belonging to the Ebla Royal Archives. Texts are reproduced in the same sequence as in the individual volumes of the series Archivi Reali di Ebla – Testi published by the “Italian Archaeological Mission to Siria” of the Sapienza University of Rome. Compared with the hard copy publication, the digital edition provides harmonized transliterations, corrections and numerous collations made over the years by the team of epigraphers who cooperate with the Mission.


Internet History Sourcebooks


The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago



Image database of Inscriptions and Artifacts

ETANA Core Texts | ETANA

ANE Archives - texts from various sources

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: The Oriental Institute Open Access Publications

Chicago Dictionaries of Assyrian, Demotic, Hittite, and other publications

CSAI: Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions

Digital edition of the South Arabian epigraphic corpus

Tower of Babel Stele in the Schoyen collection @ Recent Discovery Contains Oldest Depiction of the Tower of Babel - Slashdot


Sacrifices in the Sumerian Culture



Texts and articles re ANE

The Code of Hammurabi

translation & transliteration of original, from the book by Robert Hrancis Harper, 1904

A stele of Nebuchadnezzar II [Tower of Babel stele] - SOAS Research Online

Academic article and images of the stele depicting and referring to Neduchadnezzar's rebuilding of the fallen Tower of Babel

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