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Top ones:


is the easiest to use and most powerful. It has the best grammatically tagged texts, esp in Hebrew & Aramaic.  Top tips.


is what I use mainly on a PC, mostly because it starts up quicker than Accordance on a PC, and has most of the same tools. Top tips...

is necessary because it has exclusive rights to so many important works. Great for the free Perseus collection. Top tips.

STEP Bible

is the best of the free software, with some features not even found in commercial software. The data is constantly improving.

Crosswire parallel Bibles

is great for their tagged NASB and links to the images of actual manuscripts of the NT. 

Free Mac/PC -- Free Bible Software for PCs and Macs

The free Bible software is remarkably good, and sometimes faster and easier to use than the commercial equivalents.

STEP Bible

Designed for the under-resourced world, using free data which is constantly improving. Feature-rich and easy to use. 

The Word

Powerful with many features.


Downloadable interlinear Bible with analysis tools


("cool sword") downloadable, with a very clean interface  (still developing)


A neat and fast implementation of the Sword engine. 

Online Bible

- not pretty, but very fast even on old computers - very many free Bibles & tools, incl. Greek & unpointed Hebrew plus copyrighted translations for a small fee. Many sites with useful collections for download, eg:here and here 


- much prettier, and a little slower - includes most texts available for Online Bible plus more Greek 

The Sword

- (different from the above!) for PC, MAC, & Linux - includes most texts available for Online Bible plus a Greek LXX with gramatical and lexical tags and many translations

Bible Database

- a new and promising project for PC & Web


- DOS program for Hebrew texts - Bible, Talmud, Tg Onqelos, Mishneh Torah etc

Commercial Bible Software for PCs and Macs

The price of these packages is largely due to royalty fees on the modules. When you count up the cost of the equivalent books, all of these are a bargain.

Biblical scholars are pampered. Unlike almost any other discipline, all our primary texts and most of our background texts are easily available with full searching and parsing facilities. The software keeps getting better, at such a bewildering speed that packages are hard to compare.

The top five:

Logos the big one. Still growing in size and sophistication.


the pretty one. Does everything, and remains easy to use. 


the all-in one. Does everything, but takes time to learn.

review of the top five commercial Bible Software packages  by John Glynn who sadly died, and has not been able to update this wonderful review



(wasBible Windows)- for PC, good texts.


- for Mac, good fonts. 


-for PC, friendly.

Classical Text Editor

For PC & Mac (not free)

The word-processor for critical editions, commentaries and parallel texts

Any number of notes and apparatus - bidirectional text - OpenType - sigla

Glo Bible

VERY pretty - lots of background information, maps & pictures