Islam and Qu'ran

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Qur'anic studies are important for understanding some early church history as well as interaction between Christians and Muslims.

There are now many wonderful tools for studying the Qur'an even for those unfamiliar with the complexities of Qur'anic Arabic.

Although notes below refer to "translations", most Muslims would regard these as "interpretations" of the Arabic text.

Hazine : a guide to researching the Middle East and beyond

The core content of HAZINE is practical articles regarding how to access and use archives, manuscript libraries, and collections in the greater Islamic world, both large and small. For the moment, they are starting with four major archives in Istanbul—the Ottoman State Archives, Topkapi Palace Archive and Library, S?leymaniye Library, and ISAM—but with weekly updates, they plan to expand their coverage. In addition, they will post periodically articles containing more critical reflection on methods of research and the nature of archival work.

Lane's Lexicon

The full 8-volumes with tab-indexing which takes you straight to the page you want. Works very well within 2LetterLookup for those who don't know the Arabic alphabet

Phrase by phrase with full Arabic display and audio and choice of English and other translations. Dictionary includes concordance, morphology search, and introductions to the grammar

Arabic (full text with audio) with hover-over English translations.