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Historical English Bibles:

(Individual Bibles are listed below)

Historic English Bibles in parallel: PentateuchNT original spellingNT modern spelling

 (Tyndale 1525-26, Tyndale 1534, Coverdale, Geneva, Bishops, KJV 1611)

Images of historic English Bibles Full KJV 1611 and other illuminated Bibles

History of the Bible, and links for historical translations.

English Bible Versions available online:

When a version is available at multiple sites, the one with the best facilities is listed.

'What's the easiest to read? 'The Message. This is an intelligently prepared paraphrase which sometimes gets to the meaning better than a word-for-word or even a dynamic equivalent translation. This web version is linked to handy commentaries.

'What's the most useful? The 'New American Standard. This modern word-for-word translation is usefully tagged for the underlying Hebrew and Greek. Click on a word for a simple lexicon.

'What's the strangest? 'The Klingon. This is based on language of the battle-loving Klingons on Star Trek. Fans have created a 'real' language and done a word-by-word replacement. It is interesting which words are left in English because they have no equivalent in Klingon - like 'forgiveness' and 'grace'.

'What's the most valuable? 'The William Tyndale translation. It can be claimed that he influenced the English language more than Shakespeare, with memorable phrases like "Let there be light" and “the powers that be”. A million copies of his New Testament were printed but  only two complete copies survived Henry VIII's wrath, and they are now worth millions.

Comparison of English translations

Over one hundred English translations are listed, with brief introductions and many comparisons. Most of the Bible versions have been donated to Tyndale House where they are available for study. 

See also:Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts 

(especially the NT).

Translations in other languages 

Other languages [ here and here and here

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Audio Bibles

Online Audio Bibles: Listen Books of Bible Online in mp3[

links to various English & other auudio Bibles ]